The 7 stages you go through when it rains in the Coachella Valley

A rainy day in the Coachella Valley is, well, unusual.  Here is what it feels like when it happens.


Wet stuff falling from the sky? In the desert?? Weird, since the TV weather guesser didn’t predict it.


Hurry! Make some coffee so you can sip it under an overhang while you take pictures to post on Facebook to properly document this super rare occasion.


Oh wait.  This is going to go on for a bit.  Hmmmm.  Didn’t you buy some winter clothes once just for this occasion? Why can’t you find them? Did you imagine it?  Oh well, this hoodie, shorts, and sandals will have to do.


D’oh! Probably should have changed those wiper blades a few months back.  Also, sandals were not a wise choice.


Oh shit.  Are the roads all flooded?  Are they even open?  And why can’t anyone else in town drive the right way in the rain?

Joy (again)

Screw it. You are not going to let all those other distractions take you away from enjoying this rare rainy day in the Coachella Valley –  so you grab another coffee and stand under the overhang again.  But, no pictures this time, because everyone is doing it now.


As the rain ends you feel sad as you know that it could be days, months, years, or decades before you ever see it again. But who knows, maybe next time you will remember where you put those winter clothes.

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