7 random thoughts after attending Stagecoach Day 2

Guy Fieri meets Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban (photo: Kristen Dolan)

Stagecoach Day 2 is in the books, my allergies are demanding that I never breathe in dust again, and it’s time to recap the second day of the Stagecoach Country Music Festival at the Empire Polo Club in Indio.

It was windy af

Seriously though. It got crazy windy at times with gusts of 30 mph. It was nice that it wasn’t scorching hot, but the constant dust in the eyeballs and grass clippings landing in your beer was a bit of a bummer.

Kacey Musgraves (Stagecoach festival 2018)

Kacey Musgraves was on the Mane stage during the worst of the winds and they definitely had an effect on the sound as, at least where I was at, the whole thing just sounded warbly. She was a trooper though as it couldn’t have been fun singing through that.

That time Guy Fieri met Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

(photo: Kristen Dolan)

So, it’s usually easy to spot Guy Fieri backstage as, well, those frosted tips not only standout, they basically glow in the dark.

(photo: Kristen Dolan)

Oh, but who is this joining Guy backstage during the Brothers Osborne set? Why it’s headliner Keith Urban (far right) and his wife, actress Nicole Kidman (in the hat).

(photo: Kristen Dolan)

“It’s nice to meet you, Guy. What’s that? Oh, no. We have never been to Flavor Town.”

Nicole then stayed backstage to watch Keith’s set and it looks like she enjoyed it.

Watching Keith at #Stagecoach! Great night! #GraffitiU

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Guy Fieri has his own flags

I think this means he is basically his own country now.

The grounds crew is getting crafty

Hey, it’s super windy.Β  So do what you gotta do to keep the trees from blowing away.

This drink tastes like Sour Patch Kids and, well, yum!

My wife, Kristen, discovered this gem at the Cabin near the craft beer barn.Β  It’s called Flora Dora and it’s a gin based drink with raspberry and it tastes like a red sour patch kid – but with booze!Β  Seriously though, it was delicious and I ended up drinking half, so I bought her another one.

Saturday seemed way more crowded than Friday

(photo: Kristen Dolan)

Perhaps everyone was just there for a surprise engagement party?

Finding love in the Honky Tonk ????: @laurenmcoakley

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I guess “Stage” has had it

On the way out Saturday night, I noticed the “Stage” portion of a Stagecoach neon sign was out.Β  I’m thinking it was just taking a break to Neti Pot.

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