7-Eleven Will Deliver “Date Night” Condoms, Red Bull, and Ice Cream to Your Home


Your next date night is already handled thanks to 7-Eleven.

The quick stop chain announced a few weeks back that they are offering delivery service (through Door Dash) in selected markets and today announced what you can get brought right to your door.

You can choose from several “packs”:

  • Date Night Pack:  a tub of Ben & Jerry’s chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a Hershey’s chocolate bar, a can of Red Bull, an 18-piece pack of Trident gum and a three-pack of Trojan Ultra Thin condoms (because what else could you possibly need for a date?) – all for $20 and a $2 delivery charge
  • Hangover Pack: extra-strength acetaminophen, a 25-ounce fruit punch Gatorade, a large pepperoni pizza and a smoked turkey and pepper jack sandwich for $15
  • Gameday Pack: 10 buffalo wings, a 2-liter bottle of Coke, Doritos Nacho Cheese, a large pepperoni pizza and Tostitos Scoops for $25
  • Sniffles Pack: 20-ounce Orange Gatorade and 7-Eleven brand allergy relief, cold and flu relief, Ibuprofen and tissues for $20

Sadly, the delivery service is not available in The Coachella Valley yet (guess you will have to get your condoms and ice cream the old fashioned way), but it is available in L.A., the O.C., and San Diego.