7-Eleven customer launches into racist rant, attacks customer

A customer at a downtown Los Angeles 7-Eleven hurled racist insults at a clerk who told her she would have to wait to have her food heated up then physically assaulted a customer defending the clerk.

The incident, which was captured on video, below, shows a woman yelling at the clerk. It was recorded by Myra Olvera, who was in the store at the time.

“She just goes off on the cashier, telling her you’re ugly, fat, hopefully you get deported,” Olvera told ABC 7.

When another customer told the ranting woman to “have some respect,” the woman began shouting at him, telling him.

“That’s why ya’ll mo****F***** family gets deported right mo****F***** now! I’m glad Donald Trump is president!” the woman is heard yelling during the encounter.

From there, things get physical as the woman and a man attack the customer and kick his luggage.

In the video, multiple people, including two in security uniforms, stand and watch, while not intervening.

The victim, Frankie Martinez, left the store before police arrived. His sister he suffers from anxiety and that nobody has been able to reach him since the incident.

Video is below (some mobile viewers may need to click here):