It’s that time of year again. The temperature has cooled off and the snowbirds have found their way back south again to the Coachella Valley. Looks like it is time, once again, to readjust the way you drive accordingly.


Be ready for anything and everything should you encounter a 4-way-stop – from other drivers not bother to actually look around the intersection to them not bothering to stop at all.

Also, as a pedestrian, it’s best to anticipate no one will stop for you or even see you.

2Turn Signals

If the car in front of you has a turn signal on, it probably means nothing.  In fact, when it comes to those with out of state license plates, the best time to expect someone to merge into your lane is when they use no turn signal at all.

3Parking Lines

Nice parking job, jerk

These are apparently painted on the asphalt for no reason at all.

4Negotiating Parking Lots

You might be better off walking to Trader Joe’s as the parking lot this time of year can be a goddamn nightmare.  Be prepared for drivers to pull out of parking spots without looking, take up to 30 minutes to pull out of their own parking spots, and shopping carts will usually be rolling around lots freely as pushing them to the return area is clearly just too much work.

5Watch Out!!!

Seriously, watch out!

Whether you are in your car, walking in the parking lot, or even in the store – be prepared for the worst at all times.

6Leave Early

Remember in July when it took you 20 minutes to get from Indio to Palm Springs?  Those days are over.  Plan on at least 45 minutes now.

Good luck out there.