6 reasons you shouldn’t take pictures of the fireworks

It’s the Fourth of July and that means hot dogs, beer, so much ‘Merica, and, for a 15 minute period at about 9 pm, so many people posting terrible photos of fireworks flooding your Insta-Face-Tweet-Snaps, or whatever the kids are calling them nowadays. Don’t be one of those people.

Here are six reasons why you shouldn’t take photos of the fireworks:

  1. Fireworks – like concerts, sporting events, and, well, everything –  are much more enjoyable to watch in the sky than on your tiny, tiny phone screen.
  2. Put your phone down so you can hold a beer (the way our Forefathers intended you to!).
  3. You’re blocking the view of the person behind you with with your phone.
  4. It is damn near impossible to take a good firework photo without the proper equipment.
  5. It is even harder to take a good firework video.
  6. This is super important: Your friends are out watching fireworks too.  They really don’t care to see what yours look like.

So tonight, put the phone down and take in the moment.  Unless everything goes to shit, then grab your phone and record all of it!