6 more HOT ideas for KESQ

KESQ sure is hot these days. The last week has seen segments on the channel (which also goes by Local 2, but is really all just the same thing) have included “Hot Pets” and “Hot Garage” because, and this is just a guess, pets and garages are getting hot this time of year.

Since this seems to be a recurring thing now, we wanted to give the fine folks at the local TV news some scorching ideas for additional hot segments.

Hot Pavement

A fascinating look into how the pavement gets hot when the sun shines on it, oftentimes hotter than things that are not pavement.

Hot Tamales

The Q team goes undercover at candy headquarters to find out if actual tamales are used.

Hot Hot Hot

“Me mind on fire?  Me soul on fire? We get to the bottom of kids getting ‘hot hot hot’ tonight at 5:30 on the station that stands for you.”

Hot Hot Heat

This is just an excuse to play “Bandages” which was the jam back in the day.

Hot Hot Dogs

Hidden video captures a local eatery serving hot dogs so hot that customers decide to wait a minute or two for them to cool down before eating.

Hot by Day, Cool by Night

(Facebook: @Karen Devine KESQ)

Okay, so this isn’t a story, rather an hourlong dramedy concept where John White, Karen Devine and Haley Clawson read the news by day, then run a detective agency all night, solving the crimes they just read off the prompter a few hours earlier and maybe throw in a bit of weather even though everyone gets the weather from their phone now – but no, the sports guy does not come with them because the sports guy has to hold down the tv fort while they are away.

What do critics say about this show?  Well…

Let’s shoot this and get it on Netflix by next summer so we have something to watch when it’s just too hot to take our pets outside or go in the garage.


  1. Maybe they could do one on:

    Hot Flip Flops When Left In The Sun Do Not Protect Feet from Heat Anymore.

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