5 Things to Know: Wednesday, October 7

Welcome to 5 Things to Know – a daily rundown of things you might want to be aware of if you live in, visit, or just like being aware about what’s going on in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. As always, thank you for your continued support of Cactus Hugs.

1) The Coronavirus

The big news continues to be what’s happening in Washington DC, which today saw the President, currently infected with coronavirus, exposing his co-workers in the oval office and releasing a video where he claimed getting coronavirus was a “blessing from God” and went on to promise Americans the same experimental stem cell drugs and treatment that he just received during his very, very, very expensive hospital stay.

Turning to news from our area, Riverside County reported 266 new cases and 3 new deaths in the last 24 hours. Here is the latest on what’s going on in the desert:


  • Just a couple of days after an infected Donald Trump ripping off his mask after being released from the hospital on Monday, a shopper in Palm Springs was recorded  threatening to call 9-1-1 because an employee asked her to put on a mask to shop there:

2) You’re Probably Going to Have to Wait Even Longer for Coachella and Stagecoach

The Coachella Valley’s festival season has been delayed twice now (from Spring to Fall and to the Next Spring) and now sources are telling Rolling Stone that the fests will now likely be pushed back again to Fall 2021.

While this is not surprising, it still sucks – as the festival season means so much to the Coachella Valley in terms of jobs, revenues, exposure, and more.

3) La Quinta Extended a Moratorium on New Short-Term Rentals

August saw a 267% increase in noise and other complaints from short-term rentals in La Quinta, so the city put a 90-day moratorium on new permits in August.  With that time period set to run out and not much done to fix the situation, the city has now extended the moratorium until February.

The city says this will give more time to hear from residents and address the situation and, hey, look at that, what do you know….it also pushes back any decisions until after the city council election.

4) Have You Looked at this Weekend’s Forecast?

After way too many triple digit days, things are finally starting to improve in the desert:

5) Here’s Where to Drop Off Your Ballot

Yeah, yeah…I know, this was posted here three days now.  But, ballots are just arriving and I  just want to make sure everyone has the info to make their vote count.

Your mail-in ballot is on the way (or, maybe already in your mailbox) and you’re probably pretty motivated to vote this year. But, as you may have heard, Donald Trump has been trying to slow down the mail for months because he’s desperate and he knows he’s behind.

So, you may be thinking that you might prefer to drop off your ballot, rather than put it in the mail.  If so, here’s a list of dates and places you can do that in Riverside County.

Important: Before you drop off or mail your ballot, make sure you sign the envelope and that your signature matches the one on your driver’s license, state ID or the signature you provided when registering. The county elections office will compare them to protect your vote.

Stay safe.  Stay smart.  Stay cool. Wear a mask.