5 things to know before heading out to Desert X 2019

Lover's Rainbow, a 2019 Desert X art installation in Rancho Mirage
Lover's Rainbow, a 2019 Desert X art installation in Rancho Mirage

Desert X is back in the Coachella Valley and that means you have a ton of interesting, cool, and, sometimes weird installations to check out around the desert. Here are a few things you should know before heading out.

1) You will need a map

Some of the installations are easy to find and may even find you, like the bright orange thing you see north of Palm Springs rainbow on Highway 111 in Rancho Mirage. As for others, well, they are a bit off the beaten path.

You can pick up a guide at one of the Desert X hubs or you can use our handy dandy online map here.

Visit Us in the Shape of Clouds Desert X
Visit Us in the Shape of Clouds, Desert X 2019

2) Wear practical shoes

A lot of the pieces are out in the middle of the desert and require, at the minimum, closed-toed shoes.  Don’t be that guy in flip flops or that girl in heels.  Wear something that makes sense to walk in the sand.

On a similar note, some of the installations require you to drive on a dirt road so, if your friend has a Jeep or something, take that over the sedan.

3) Check the times

Most of the Desert X installations are open sunrise to sunset, but a few of them are only open on weekends and one, the one at the Palm Desert Wave House, requires tickets (free tickets though!).  Check our guide for all the info before you head out.

Ghost Tree at Desert X
Ghost Tree in Desert Hot Springs, Desert X 2019

4) Get the VR app before you leave the house / hotel

Artist Nancy Baker Cahill has created not just one, but two pretty awesome virtual reality experiences. But, in order to see them, you need to have an app installed on your phone – an app that is so big that most wireless carriers require you download it over WiFi.  So grab it before heading out or grab it now before you forget.  Details are here and here.

5) Be prepared and respectful

You will not find food or bathrooms are most of the installations, so plan your trip in advance so you can enjoy Desert X without worrying you are going to pee your pants and maybe bring some snacks and plenty of water (you gotta hydrate in the desert, man).

Also, most of the installs are in the desert and there aren’t things like trash cans, so clean up after yourself and don’t trash the surrounding areas – which will make sure that those who come to see Desert X after you get just as cool of an experience as you did.

Have fun at Desert X!