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There are a ton of things to do in Las Vegas – with all the pool parties, restaurants, clubs, casinos, and buffets, just to name a few. But, if you really want to do Sin City right, you have to take in a Las Vegas show. Here are five shows that we love.


Las Vegas does not lack in Cirque Du Soleil shows and while they each offer something a little different ( has storytelling, Zumanity has sex, Criss Angel Mindfreak has magic), O has a gigantic, 1.5 million gallon tank of water that the show’s cast of 85 people (!) use to perform in and high above. The show’s cast includes international acrobats, synchronized swimmers, and divers and all of them are incredible. Seriously, your jaw will drop several times.

Pro Tip: Buy your tickets in advance as this show is very popular and tends to sell out, especially on busy weekends.

O at the Bellagio / Grab tickets starting at $126 here



We have a longer writeup on Absinthe over here, but the main thing you should know is this: be warned, it’s not for everyone.  It can get a little raunchy at times – which is hilarious for those that are into it (I am one of them).  It also has some cool stunts, comedy, and is just pretty darn fantastic.

Pro tip: You might want to opt for a seat in the back.  They are not too far from the stage and they are raised, so you can see over those in the first few rows.

Absinthe at Caesar’s Palace / Save $20 per ticket with code 20AMP here 

Blue Man Group

What do you say about this show?  if you’re a Blue Man, you say nothing – because they don’t speak.  But, if you are a regular non-blue person like me, you say the show is a wild mix of music, comedy, art, and OMG so much toilet paper.  The Blue Man Group is really a one-of-a-kind experience and everyone should see them at least once.

Blue Man Group at Luxor / Save up to $116 on your ticket here

Penn & Teller

Las Vegas has plenty of magic shows to choose from and most of them are great – but Penn and Teller’s show at the Riviera is the perfect mix of magic, comedy, and zaniness. Penn and Teller have been doing their thing now since the 1970s and they have become very, very good at it.

Pro Tip: the pair usually heads to the lobby after the show so be sure to stick around after the conclusion to get meet them and maybe get a picture or two.

Penn and Teller at the Rio / Save $30 a ticket here

Michael Jackson ONE / Beatles LOVE

(Cirque du Soleil)

Alright, fine.  We cheated.  But, we couldn’t pick just one of these shows.  Both Michael Jackson ONE and Beatles LOVE are pretty amazing Cirque Du Soleil shows and you will most likely enjoy either one.  Both are loaded with awesome performers, great sound systems, and breathtaking visuals.   But, since you are most likely limited on time during your trip to Las Vegas, pick the show based on the music you prefer.

Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay / Save up to $27 a ticket here

Beatles Love at the Mirage / Save up to $92 per ticket here 

Enjoy your Las Vegas Show!