5 Fast Food Joints That Need to Be in The Coachella Valley Now

Dunkin Donuts in Palm Springs

The Coachella Valley has quite a few fast food joints (most with drive-thrus!), but why don’t the people of Palm Springs have these fast food joints!

1) Baker’s Drive Thru


Anyone who was driven out to The I.E. has probably enjoyed a Papa Meal or a Mama Meal with hamburgers, fries, and Mexican food from this franchise which began in San Bernardino in 1952.  The chain now has 38 restaurants with the closest being in Beaumont and is consistently voted “Best Fast Food” in San Bernardino County by readers of the San Bernardino Sun.

 2) Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts in Palm Springs

Why must Starbucks be the only game in town?  At the end of 2011, there were 10,083 Dunkin Donuts stores in the world with over 7,000 in The United States – yet none in The Coachella Valley.  The chain announced plans to expand into California in the next few years, but for now you will have to drive to Barstow or San Diego.

UPDATE: Dunkin’ is coming to The Coachella Valley – and probably all because of this article 😉

 3) Chik-fil-A

chik-fil-a in Palm Springs

Politically, this place is pretty ridiculous – but you know what is also ridiculous?  Waffle fries!  Redlands and Temecula are not too far a drive for a chicken sandwich, but why not here?

 4) Portillo’s

Portillo's in Palm Springs

So, we should consider ourselves luck that this Midwest chain has any California locations at all (they have 2), but how great would it be to have those Italian beef sandwiches in The Desert?  If you have never stopped in Moreno Valley – do it!  In addition to the sandwiches, the hot dogs are killer and do not even get me started on the chocolate cake.

 5) Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme in Palm Springs

Come to think of it, having one of these donut spots closer than Ontario might lead me to become 300 pounds.  Stay far, far away from me Krispy Kreme.  I mean it!!!

What do you think…any that I missed?