5 Chain Restaurants That Need to Be in The Coachella Valley Now

Famous Dave's Palm Springs

The Coachella Valley certainly is not lacking in restaurants – and while there are already some great choices, one has to wonder: why 4 Applebee’s in town and yet none of these?:

Famous Dave’s

Famous Dave's Palm Springs
This place has won awards like “Best BBQ Sauce in America,” “Best BBQ Joint,” and  “Best BBQ Ribs” – but you would not know it, unless you are willing to drive out to Redlands or Temecula.  If you are named Dave, David, or Davey – then you should really want one in town, as every August 4th is “Dave Day” and everyone with that name eats free.

Waffle House

Waffle House Palm SpringsYou mean to tell me that there are over 2,500 Waffle Houses in The U.S. – but none in Palm Springs?  In fact, the closest you will find one is a state-line away in Goodyear, Arizona.  Until they open one here, where are we supposed to find grits on the menu?

Claim Jumper

Claim Jumper Cake
2 words: dat cake.

BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery

BJ's Pizza Palm Springs, CA
This joint was brewing their own beer before everyone else and their mom started doing it – and they serve up a ton of deep dish pizzas and pizookies.  They have a solid happy hour – which you can currently enjoy with a drive to Temecula or Redlands

TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday's Palm SpringsI know, I know – Palm Desert had their shot with this chain and “you maniacs blew it up…damn you to hell!”   Okay, well maybe Yardhouse and other places opened and the red and white stripes got a little neglected  (plus the location was kind of hidden) so customers stopped going.  Sorry about that.  Come back Friday’s and could you please bring your all-you-can-eat appetizers with you?

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What other chain restaurants would you like to see in town?  Let me know with a comment below.