42 people busted at Coachella Weekend One for unlawful use of a disabled person placard

There were 99 arrests at Weekend One at Coachella – which is basically .09% of attendees – and almost all of them involved an alcohol crime of some kind, according to figures released by the Indio Police Department on Wednesday (via KESQ). But the more interesting thing to come out from the weekend is that, even though this is now becoming a regular thing, another 42 people were busted for unlawful use of a disabled person placard and another two for parking in a handicap stall.

Enforcing disabled person parking rules became a thing during Desert Trip a couple of years back and it appears that those who are breaking the rules have not gotten word they will be busted yet – which is fine.

Hopefully, getting busted and the fine will help them realize those spots reserved for disabled people should only be used by those who truly need it at the festival or, well, anywhere.