Some days the weather in the Coachella Valley makes it feel like you are on the surface of the sun. Soon, you will also get to feel what it is like to be on the moon.

A $4 billion, 4,000 all-suite, five-star lunar-themed resort is headed to Coachella. Moon World Resorts, which originally wanted to open in Las Vegas, is now looking to open in 2022, reports the Las Vegas Sun:

Three thousand workers will be required during the single-phase construction, and, when completed, 8,000 Coachella Valley careers will be created. The 10 million-square-foot project likely to impact Las Vegas tourism will include cutting-edge space technology over a 10-acre lunar surface with a realistic lunar colony set in the world’s largest and tallest sphere reaching 750 feet.

There also will be a 10,000-seat flexible event center and a 2 million-square-foot convention center, several star-chef celebrity restaurants and wellness spa with holistic health treatments. Only 12 people have walked on the moon’s surface, but 7 billion people want to visit it!

Moon World Resorts will use the world’s largest 4.5 billion-year-old romantic billboard orbiting 240,000 miles above Earth for its energy efficient, stunningly illuminated backdrop. The architectural and engineering wonder will be brought to life by more than 100 companies.

Mark Weber, economic development manager for the City of Coachella, seemed pretty stoked about the project, saying in a news release: “We are thrilled Moon World Resorts chose the City of Coachella as the location for this truly amazing and highly imaginative project. We look forward to assisting as the team proceeds through the various planning, approval and development stages.”

Here are some renderings:


moon_hotel2 grand_piazza-0115529922d19c039a1d82feba1e6643


crater_lounge Entertainment-5abd25792f4f94a0b955c47d690d13a2 (1)

And here is some propaganda from when the resort was planned for Vegas, via blastr:

There’s no skimping on exactly how the ultra-luxurious $5-billion, 10,000-room, five-star, five-diamond, 250-acre Moon resort would have looked. The complex includes the Moon Casino, replete with multiple levels of gaming floors that culminate in the all-night party that is the Metropolis Discotheque. At the center of the Resort complex there’s the Crater Wave Pool, with its surrounding private pools and spas. The 500-foot pool laps gently to the rhythm of a true ocean tide.

Guests can frolic in the Sea of Serenity Aquatic Center, then pour themselves directly into the Crater Pool via waterslides. A Lunar Lander Lounge at the center of the Pool is accessible via glass underwater walkways beneath the Pool’s surface. Moon visitors can unwind at the Tranquility Spa and Wellness Center, where body treatments from skin treatments to aromatherapy are available. At the Moon Buggy Activity Landscape, you can slip into the driver’s seat of one of the Apollo landing’s famous lunar cruisers. Stopping by Rock Climbing Mountain, first time climbers or seasoned veterans can scale to new heights of physical achievement and gripping thrills.

The Moon River Jazz Bar sports a two-story waterfall that cascades dramatically over a lengthy bar and turns into a river. Then, toss in loads of shopping spots, a giant convention center, a winter-sports area, indoor golf course and tennis courts, as well as a biosphere that encases a vineyard and organic gardens.

Sorry, they are not yet taking reservations or hiring.

Photos: Moon World Resorts, Inc

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