360 Sports is the best bar to watch games in the Coachella Valley

The following is a guest post from Jimmy Dean Hoffa.

Why aren’t we all hanging out at 360 Sports at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa in Rancho Mirage?

I’ll try to make this brief because some of you think my posts are too long to read.

Agua Caliente has always been the nicest casino in town – no matter how hard the others try to keep up with small updates and half-baked remodels. It has forever been the closest experience to Las Vegas and nicest place to gamble – don’t @ me. That being the case, they went ahead and recently did some upgrades – their casino floor is a new layout, they moved the poker room, added more of a real food court experience, improved their center bar, repositioned the buffet, and added more VIP areas (to list the updates I noticed mid-stupor). But the jewel of their recently refurbished crown as King of Coachella Valley Casino Experiences has to be 360 Sports.

Standard beers on draft. Nothing amazing, but I’m happy so long as there are IPAs to be had.

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Everywhere you look there is a screen – even corners and curves have screens. They seem to be made of several smaller panels for a seamless… dare I say… three-hundred and sixty degree viewing experience.

This lounge is open on a first come basis. Why are we not sitting there now?

There is tons of space and seating to be found, while my spidey-sense tells me that one area could easily be retro-fitted to become a sportsbook should California decide to be cool with me putting action on Women’s D-2 Volleyball… GO TAMPA SPARTANS!

They have several happy hours and specials (None of that all day bullshit that drives Casey crazy) and their menu is elevated pub food at decent prices that all looked intriguing minus one caveat.

I do not endorse wings with ranch. Wings are to be eaten with blue cheese dressing. Don’t @ me.

Editor’s note: this is a terrible take, ranch with wings or GTFO!

I sat down thinking about the pretzel from their on-floor signage, but something special on the menu caught my eye.

Jumbo stuffed tater tots? Loaded with what? Bacon, cheese and chili pepper.  Yes please.

These tots are the size of Tyrion’s fist.

Stuffed… just as advertised.

These may not have been “The Best Thing I Ever Ate” , but they do taste like what I imagine Papas Dos Fritos Quatro Quesos tastes like. (I just referenced a real and fake version of this dish BTW). Very crispy too, they aren’t soft like you’d find a Papa Rellena at Portos to be (The rare triple food comp! That must have the judges impressed.) But they tasted great and I would go back for more or to sample other dishes.

So who is coming with me? Be it to eat, drink, watch a game or drop acid and experience 1,200 sq ft of visual stimuli. Don’t @ me.