31 Things The Coachella Valley Wants for Christmas

(images via DVIDSHUB / kris krüg...Flickr)


(images via DVIDSHUB / kris krüg...Flickr)
(images via DVIDSHUB / kris krüg…Flickr)

We asked Coachella Valley locals: “what is the one present (serious or funny) you would like Santa to bring to The Coachella Valley?”

Some answers were nice, some were snarky, and, well, a lot of you just seemed hungry for new restaurants…

“Yeah, if Santa could just go ahead and keep those snowbirds at the North Pole, that would be greaaaaaaat” – Lisa B.

“Fix to the homeless situation” – Kevin B.

“Tickets to that Metallica show that’s been advertised for five years.” – Steven F.


“Santa, can we finally get a Dave and Busters.” – Jilian L.

“A race track that isn’t exclusive to rich donors” – Cameron D.

“Better sewage systems so we don’t flood on the occasional rains” – Belen H.

IG Flood

“Did anybody ask for a decent morning radio show yet?” – Ira C.

“Ikea” – Danielle S.

“Something to do out here that doesn’t involve drinking.” – Jim E.

“I would love a TGIFridays or a Chili’s again. Come on CV!” – Ryan V.