$30,000 ring found at landfill after being accidentally thrown in the trash


A San Diego woman has her $30,000 ring back after it was mistakingly tossed in with the trash.

Members of the woman’s family contacted the city after realizing they accidentally threw away the pricey piece of jewelry during a cleaning spree.

What happens when a $30K ring gets accidentally tossed in the trash? You hope City staff can track it down! Luckily,…

Posted by City of San Diego on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Authorities were able to use GPS on the trash truck that picked up the family’s bins that day and were able to stop the vehicle before it dumped its load at the landfill. A search took place inside the truck and the ring was found in a matter of minutes.

“Sometimes it takes three, four hours for them to find it,” San Diego city worker Jose Ysea told ABC News. “Sometimes they don’t find it at all. So to have them find something … in under four minutes, that was pretty good.”

According to the city, these types of things happen several times a year.