3 Separate Holdups Went Down in The Coachella Valley on Saturday


If you live in The Coachella Valley and did not have your cell phone stolen this weekend, consider yourself lucky.

Three robberies were reported in three different Coachella Valley cities on Saturday:

  • First, at 2:45am, a man and woman who were parked outside a Rancho Mirage apartment complex were approached by a man with an “unspecified weapon” who demanded their property (guessing money and cell phones here).  After the robber fled with their stuff, cops were called to investigate.
  • Then at 4:42pm, a 14-year-old Palm Desert boy called the cops to report that someone “simulated a knife” and stole his iPhone.  The area was searched and the phone was found on a juvenile suspect a short distance away.  The suspect was taken to Indio Juvenile Hall.
  • Finally, in Coachella, a woman getting out of her car at 11:45pm was held up by a guy with a gun who took her phone. Police later arrested Hector Manual Pimental, who was in possession of the woman’s stolen cell phone.

Getting away with stealing a phone only 1 out of 3 times is a terrible ratio.  So please potential thieves, do not hold us up for our phones any more.


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