3 minors detained for driving stolen Polaris through COD, Civic Center Park

(Google Maps)

Three juveniles were arrested after police say they stole a Polaris from a Palm Desert nursery, then drove it through College of the Desert and Civic Center Park, causing thousands of dollars in damage along the way.

The Polaris was taken from Moller’s Garden Center on Painters Path Tuesday morning, reports the Desert Sun. Police say the suspects drove “erratically” through college campus and into the park, where the trio caused $5,000 in damage to four baseball that had just been re-seeded and laser leveled (!) at a cost $30,000.

Two suspects were detained after exiting the vehicle, a third continued driving and crashed into a bus stop on Fred Waring Drive. He was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

The other two suspects, a boy and a girl, were detained.

The incident is under investigation.