3 Arrested for Drugging and Robbing Gamblers at San Manuel Casino

triple arrest san manuel casino
(San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department via KABC)

Police have arrested three people for allegedly drugging and then robbing gamblers at San Manuel Bingo and Casino.

From April of 2012 until November 2014, authorities claim 52-year-old Esperanza Maldonado, 27-year-old Cameron Dollar, and 41-year-old Eddie Lee Chapman had several victims. ABC 7 reports:

On April 5, 2012, investigators said victim Gabriel Mcurad, 66, was talking to Maldonado when he suddenly lost consciousness. Authorities said Mcurad woke up to find he was missing cash from his pocket and Maldonado was gone. Authorities said Dollar acted as a look-out for Maldonado during this incident.

On Nov. 8, 2014, authorities said victim George Edginton, 48, also lost consciousness after having a beer with Maldonado. Edginton told investigators he remembered the beer tasting different after leaving it unattended with Maldonado while he used the restroom.

“When I came back I took a few sips of that beer, and when I did, I noticed instantly that I felt nauseous,” Edginton said. “The person next to me, I said to her, ‘Did you do something with this beer because you’re the only one here and I feel sick?’ Next thing you know I was on the casino floor and she was gone.”

Surveillance video from the casino is said to show Maldonado pouring something from a vial taken from her purse into Edginton’s beer.  Cops believe the subastance was ecstasy, GHB, or ketamine.

When he woke up, Edginton reported the incident to casino security and made a terrible decision to drive home. He was injured crashing into concrete barriers after losing consciousness.

A few days later Maldonado and Chapman targeted a 74-year-old man, drugged him, and stole his phone and cash while he was unconscious.