28-year old 29 Palms man arrested after crashing prom party, making threats, sideswiping cars

(Image by PINGNews)

A Twentynine Palms man was arrested over the weekend after police say he showed up to a prom after-party where he allegedly threatened teenagers with a knife and sideswiped multiple cars.

According to Z107.7, James Schutte arrived at a home on Meliz Road in Landers about 10:40 pm on Saturday night. He was heavily intoxicated, according to police, and refused to go when students asked him to leave – at one point even allegedly pulling a knife and making threats.

The students eventually got Schutte to leave by throwing rocks at him. On his way driving out, he sideswiped multiple cars.

Schutte was arrested for investigation of misdemeanor driving while intoxicated.