22 Phrases That Have Never Been Uttered in Greater Palm Springs

Palm Springs sign

These are 22 phrases that have never been uttered in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley:

  1. “Canadians really are the best drivers”
  2. “Those country club folks sure are doing their part to help take on the drought”
  3. “This casino really smells great”
  4. “Buying a black car with leather seats was a wise choice”
  5. “Old people are the best tippers”
  6. “It is never windy north of the 10”
  7. “What a lovely August afternoon”
  8. “You know what we need?  Another golf course”
  9. “There is so much opportunity for young people in this town”
  10. “I easily enrolled in every COD class I wanted”
  11. “Coachella Valley public transit sure is great!”
  12. “There are just too many good looking, single people to choose from”
  13. “This place gets nuts after 10pm”
  14. “Highway 111 could definitely use more stoplights”
  15. “There is just too much going on this weekend”
  16. “The parking lot at The River is laid out perfectly”
  17. “I think I will just grab lunch off a delicious food truck
  18. “Palm Desert home prices sure are affordable”
  19. “Nope, you will definitely not find any tweekers in DHS”
  20. “Driving from East Valley to West Valley is just a breeze”
  21. “We could really use one more Applebee’s”
  22. “I can not believe how low my electric bill was for July”

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