Hundreds of motorcycles blocked the 215 freeway to do tricks Sunday morning


Between 300 – 400 motorcyclists blocked off part of the 215 freeway on Sunday morning to do wheelies and other tricks.

Concerned drivers called the Highway Patrol about 11:15 am to report that hundreds of motorcycle riders had backed up traffic on the southbound portion of the freeway near Iowa Avenue in Riverside, according to the Press Enterprise.

Officers arrived to find hundreds of motorcyclists “behaving recklessly” and broke up the blockade. Police say the riders flipped them off and cursed at them when they showed up.

One of the motorcyclists then led police on a pursuit while about 100 other riders got onto the westbound 60 freeway and, once again, blocked off traffic to do tricks.

No arrests were made and the whole incident lasted about 15 minutes.

“They’re really just inconsiderate people,” CHP Sgt. Nathan Baer told the newspaper. “People have to get places, ambulances are trying to get places … it’s very juvenile.”

“It shows a lack of respect for themselves, fellow mankind and law enforcement,” Baer said.