The Date Fest offers you a chance to catch a show, watch a demolition derby, pay your DMV fees, devour whiskey infused donuts, and throw up on some rides.  It also gives a chance to win a bunch of things you never knew you wanted before that are almost all gigantic and not-at-all easy to carry around.  Here are 21 of those things.

1Rastafarian bears

2A Rastafarian banana

3A monkey inside a banana

4Blinding bears

5A hipster pickle

6A bird that can’t decide on a color

7A winking alien

8Fat pigs

9Characters from that game you were really into last summer

10Big balls

11A bear representing his country

12A monkey in a Hawaiian shirt

13A Ronnie Lott jersey

14A stuffed donut

15I totally forgot to mention the poop emoji next to hipster pickle


17Smaller unicorns

18A centipede

19Orange giraffes

20An angry totem


And lucky for you…

There’s a prize every time!!!!

All images: Casey Dolan

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