Here is your 2016 Coachella Weekend 1 arrest roundup

(via Flickr)

Yup, every year Coachella comes into town and , like clockwork, it is always followed by the local tv news reporting the arrests – which, once again, is a whopping 0.1% of those who attended.  

Here are the stats via KESQ  (who decided to make this actual poll about the event) :

  • 128 arrests (up from 93 in 2015)
  • 16 were arrested for public intoxication
  • 57 were arrested for illegal possession of a controlled substance (49 of those were for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, and eight were for felony possession of a controlled substance for sales)
  • 46 arrests were made for alcohol related violations
  • 2 arrests were made for outstanding arrest warrants
  • 5 arrests were made for resisting/obstructing a peace officer
  • 1 arrest was made for trespassing
  • 1 arrest was made for a vehicle code violation

Sure, the festival brings a ton of money to town (seriously, a shit ton) – but, the complaining snowbirds are right: it should be shut down immediately.