2 Teens Arrested After Man is Run Over by His Own Car in Hemet

Hemet Road Rage

Two teenagers have been arrested after an incident in Hemet where a man ended up getting run over by his own car and left lying in the road.

Police received several tips as to the identity of the suspects in the video after releasing the video of the incident. Thursday, they arrested Michael “James” Williams, 18, and a 17-year-old boy (name not disclosed because he is a minor).

In the video, Tracy Leavitt, 53, can be seen arguing with two men, then one of them steals his car, drives a short distance away, and then returns to run him over – sending him flying into the air.

The two men then appear to take items from Leavitt’s vehicle and flee the scene, leaving him lying on the street.

Leavitt was hospitalized and needs hip and knee replacement surgery. He also suffered broken bones and a collapsed lung. His family has setup a GoFundMe page for donations.