2 students arrested for allegedly planning a shooting at Banning High School

Police arrested two students after police say they found evidence the pair were planning a possible shooting at Banning High School.

A school resource officer at the school received a report that two students were possibly planning an “active shooter type incident” on Monday, reports ABC 7. Witnesses overheard a juvenile making threats to carry out a shooting on Tuesday.

Police investigated and, according to KESQ, officers found evidence indicating that two students were involved in the planning of a possible shooting on the campus.

The students, both 15-year-olds, were arrested on suspicion of making criminal threats.  Police did not find any weapons in their homes at the time of the arrest.

Officials from the school district sent out a recorded phone message to parents at 10 am, notes the Press Enterprise.  The message described what happened and informed the parents that their children were not in danger.