2 Marines grounded after giant penis-shaped flight path over Salton Sea

A Navy T-34C Turbo-Mento (Wikipedia)

Two aviators were grounded by The US Marine Corps after they used a training flight to draw a giant penis over the Salton Sea.

The pairs’ phallus-shaped flight path over the Coachella Valley was shared on Twitter on October 23 after it was it was detected using flight-tracking software.

It also appears the pair practiced a bit over the Imperial Valley before heading out to the Salton Sea to make the dick.

The aircraft, a T-34C, was determined to be assigned to Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 101, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, in Miramar where an investigation was launched, according to ABC News.

The two aviators responsible for the “obscene image” are no longer flying, a representative told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday, though they are “providing vital squadron ground support functions.”

The rep added that, “disciplinary or administrative action, if any, will be determined following the completion of the investigation.”

The incident comes after two Navy aviators stationed at Whidbey Island, Washington, were disciplined last November for drawing a penis shape with contrails from their fighter jets.