These 2 Were Arrested for Bringing a Gun to Palm Springs Airport

airport guns

Two morons apparently did not get the memo about not bringing guns into airports and are now behind bars.

Tuesday, 21-year-old Anthony Wayne Lomas of Banning and 24-year-old Jody Wayne Noel of Cathedral City were arrested at 4:21pm at The Palm Springs International Airport.  The Press Enterprise has the details:

The investigation began with a tip that two persons were suspected of possessing a gun while trying to rent a vehicle at a car rental agency in the airport terminal.

“While the officers were speaking with Lomas and Noel, they ran from the officers,” Sgt. Harvey Reed said in a written statement. “The officers chased … Noel, who fought with them.

“Noel was taken into custody and found to have a loaded handgun.”

As for Lomas, he thought he was fast enough to get away.  He was wrong:

Witnesses reported seeing Lomas running north along El Cielo Road. Other officers hustled to the area and arrested him.

Police found a stolen handgun lying in a bush where a witness reported seeing Lomas throw a gun, Reed wrote.

“Neither Lomas nor Noel were passengers on an arriving flight or scheduled on a departing flight,” the statement says. “Both individuals were at the airport for the sole purpose of renting a vehicle.”

Because leaving the guns at home or using an off-airport rental agency would have just been too inconvenient I suppose.

The pair were booked for investigation of being a felon in possession of a gun and carrying a firearm.  Lomas also was booked for investigation of violating probation.  Noel was additionally held for investigation of possessing a firearm in a public building and resisting arrest.