2 Dudes Tried (Unsuccessfully) to Smuggle 145 lbs of Weed Across Canal

Border Patrol Swimming Pot Arrest
Border Patrol Swimming Pot Arrest
(Border Patrol via KESQ)

Tuesday night Border Patrol agents arrested three Mexican citizens after finding nearly 150 pounds of marijuana in their pickup truck – but the weed was not driven across the border, rather two Michael Phelps wannabes swam it across!

The weed is estimated to cost $87,000, KESQ has the details of how the arrest (and that swim!) went down…

According to the Border Patrol’s release, agents assigned to the Calexico Station saw two men swimming across the All-American Canal with three large burlap sacks around 10 p.m. The men continued north along an irrigation canal towards a field road.

Agents said they pulled over the pickup at the intersection of Menvielle Road and Carr Road. The truck was driven by a 36-year-old man, and a 17-year-old male and 45-year-old man were in the bed of the pickup.

The three men were turned over to the Imperial County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force for further investigation. Bad news for them, but potentially good news for their future jail’s swim team!