2 Dudes Snuck Into The Super Bowl, by Walking Through the Front Gate


Two guys from Ireland watched The Super Bowl from seats that were worth $25,000. Lucky for them, they are not any poorer, since they did not buy the tickets – instead they just snuck into the stadium…by simply walking though the front gate.

Paul McEvoy and Richard Whelan were hanging out in front of University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona and were interviewed by the NFL Network where they asked for help to get tickets. to help try and get some legit tickets to the game…

Just did an interview with NFL network. Hoping some camera time helps me get a ticket #SuperbowlXLIX #NoTicket

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When that did not work, they just decided to try to walk right in the front door – and it worked!

I made it!! Snuck in straight through the front door! NOW LET'S GO HAWKS! #SuperbowlXLIX

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The pair not only ended up inside, but sat in fourth tow seats worth $25,000 a piece.

McEvoy and Whelan even got The Patriots mascot to pose with the Irish flag.

Well played.

(H/T Independent.ie)