Cheekys Bacon Palm Springs

December 30 is “Bacon Day”!  (Question: why isn’t every day bacon day…oh yes, cholesterol.  Stupid, stupid cholesterol).

One restaurant in Palm Springs, above all others, truly celebrates the magic of delicious bacon.

Cheeky’s serves up a bacon flight that features 5 different types of bacon (which may explain why there is a usually a wait to get a table, but worth it). Flights have included flavors like Thai Sweet Chili, Salt n Vinegar, Jalapeno, and Dark Chocolate Syrup.

And diners seem to love the bacon flight, as Instagram is flooded with pictures of the delicious, streaky goodness!

Bacon, bacon and more bacon. #cheekysps #palmsprings

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Bacon flight – at Cheeky's

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Brunch bacon tasting- yes please!

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At Cheeky's, #palmsprings cuz vacation and a bacon flight seem just right #psp

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Bacon flight. #heaven

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Flight o' bacon! #bacon #baconflight #cheekys #palmsprings #nofilter #bobbleprof

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Yes, this is a flight of bacon. And it's sooo good!

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#bacon flight

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#TYBG for bacon flights ????

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This mornings breakfast … The bacon Bar! #cheekyspalmssprings #palmsprings #jagoinspired

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Bonus pic: Be sure to grab a Bloody Mary in a boot (I mean, you are going to need to wash all that bacon down with something)

These boots were made for drinkin'…???????? #BloodyMary

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