Date Fest Bacon Donut

The Riverside County Fair and Date Festival is underway – and with it concerts, rides, and exhibits. But you know what you really go to the fair for: THE FOOD!!!!

Here are 15 things sold at The Date Fest that look just too damn good!

Today was so much #fun #datefest #indio #sunday #cherry

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Isn't this what the fair is really about.. #datefestival #countyfair #beergarden

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Deep fried Oreo cookie! ???? #deepfriedgoodness #datefest #indio @coachellavalley #indiodatefestival #seanjesper

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I absolutely love BBQ food ????#datefestival #bbq #wings

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(Warning: the last 3 are all photos of the way too delicious cinnamon rolls)

Can't come to the #datefestival and not get a cinnamon roll. #yum

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Bonus pic! Because if these treats do not do it for you, there is surely some deep fried cuisine that will (seeing as how literally everything you can ask for is being deep fried!)

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