I-10 Toyota Man is the superhero the world does not need


While many will argue over who is the best superhero of all time (spoiler: it’s Batman), there can be no argument over who comes in at the bottom of the list.

His name is I-10 Toyota Man and you have probably seen him on your local Palm Springs TV.

Dude is kind of a major disappointment.  I mean, he is a superhero with what appear to be superpowers, yet all he uses them for is to burst through car manufacturer logos that are, for some reason, flying in a non-threatening way through the sky?

Does he do this to every logo, like on billboards and signs?  This seems like an anger management issue that he might want to work on.

While other superheroes are taking down The Joker, Lex Luthor, and Loki – I-10 Toyota Man, looks like he is just hanging out in the desert and working at a local car dealer.  It’s not a bad gig for us regular humans, but this guy is a superhero.   Talk about not living up to expectations.

It would be like if Superman was working as a lifeguard at Wet ‘n’ Wild.  I mean good for him, it is a good job and parents would feel super safe with their kids in the pool with him around – but ol’ Clark Kent is just capable of doing so much more – you know, things like spinning the earth backwards to turn back time.

I-10 Toyota Man is also kind of a jerk. I mean, would it be too much to ask for a softer landing so the car dealer does not have to install a new sidewalk every week?

Also, and I am pretty sure about this, he is using his superpowers to steal cars:

Did that couple even sign the paperwork?  Did they even ask for a car?  Is he going to pay for that road to be fixed?  And why is this guy destroying everything he touches?

And speaking of the couple, how long had they been out standing in the heat looking at their empty driveway? If it was over 2 minutes, I would have called for a drug intervention.

Get these two some help, I-10 Toyota Man!   Not a stolen Corolla and a broken street!!!!

Unless, maybe they know something we don’t?  Let’s find out.  You go ahead and watch the commercial.  I am going to head outside to stare at my driveway until this guy drops a new 4Runner off out of the sky for me.