10 things Santa should bring the Coachella Valley this Christmas

(images via DVIDSHUB / kris krüg...Flickr)

Last year, we put together a little wish list from the Coachella Valley for Santa and it looks like he listened as, out of the ten things on that list, a whole one of them was actually delivered (thanks Dunkin’ Donuts!). So, since clearly the big guy at the North Pole is listening, here are ten things he should bring the desert this year.

1) A moderate summer

This summer was hot!

This summer was the hottest one ever recorded.  Let’s not do that again.

2) A Led Zeppelin reunion at Desert Trip


Goldenvoice tried to make this happen for the debut of Desert Trip.  Although it didn’t work out for 2016, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page reportedly attended the music fest.  Hopefully they liked it enough to perform together in 2017.

3) Something to survive in the Titled Kilt spot

RIP, Tilted Kilt

Ok, so clearly a Tilted Kilt is not going to work there, but wouldn’t a Claim Jumper make sense??

4) Decent train service to L.A.


They have been talking about this for a long time.  Let’s do it already!

5) An end to the “Obama bought a house in Rancho Mirage” rumors

Are they or aren’t they?

Will we be seeing Barack and Michelle hanging out at The River next year or not?

6) A functioning 9-1-1 system

We need this

Didn’t think this was going to have to be on the list but, sadly, 9-1-1 going down is starting to become a regular thing now.

7) A revitalized Desert Hot Springs

Desert Hot Springs Police should be on Kickstater
Desert Hot Springs

The city has embraced weed, let’s hope a little Mary Jane is just what Desert Pot Springs needs to prosper.

8) A Topgolf


Indian Wells is considering it.  The company wants to do it.  Make it happen, Cap’n.

9) An Irish bar


The Coachella Valley is somehow home to 800+ Appleebee’s and zero Irish pubs.

If Santa could bring this by March 17, that would be great.  Thanks!

10) Rain

Please bring us some rain!

C’mon, Mother Nature.  El Nino stiffed us and we are are tired of this drought!  So please…

Merry Christmas, everyone!