10 questions about this poster at the Century La Quinta theater

I was at the Century La Quinta movie theater the other night and I noticed an odd poster while exiting a screening of “American Made” (It’s okay, btw.  Good action, interesting story –  but Tom Cruise’s accent is, ummm, well he’s not winning the Oscar for this). After seeing the poster, I have a few questions.

Since you are probably not reading this at the movie theater, I will first present to you the poster I am talking about as I took a picture of it while a woman watched me doing so very confused and, understandably, concerned.

Here are my questions:

  1. Shouldn’t “educate” be the first “E” item listed as, you know, that’s kind of what school things are for?
  2. Why is the kid taking off his glasses?
  3. Does he prefer his movies to be blurry?
  4. Is he wisely sneaking in snacks in that backpack?
  5. Is the shirt and tie part of some school uniform that prefers business up top, but allows casual jeans down low?
  6. Have teachers tried to do this with less than 10 days notice?  “Well, kids, I just don’t feel like teaching today.  Let’s all go watch the new Lego movie.”
  7. Do teachers and parents have to see the same movie as the kids or can they just leave the youngsters to watch “My Little Pony” while the adults take in “Blade Runner”?
  8. Will the beer and wine concession be open for chaperones during these “field trips”?  (Asking for a friend)
  9. Do they do this for just schools or people at work too?
  10. If yes, can the theater management convince all of our bosses that seeing “It” on the clock is good for productivity?