10 predictions now that Coachella & Stagecoach have moved to the fall

(image courtesy of Coachella)

With the spread of coronavirus, large events in the desert are being forced to cancel. Reports are that, rather than simply pull the plug, both the Coachella and Stagecoach festivals may be looking to move to the fall in 2020 (update: it’s happening). While this would be welcome news to both attendees and local businesses in the Coachella Valley, it would also mean some changes are likely.

Here are 10 predictions:

1) The price of Coachella Valley Airbnb’s in October will skyrocket
2) As Stagecoach will follow Coachella, the weather at the country fest will be soooo much nicer than Coachella Weekend One and Weekend Two for the first time ever
3) Everyone over 40 will post every day from now until then that there has already been a Coachella fest staged in the fall back in the day…and they were there for it…and it was so much better…and, yes, we have heard this story before, old-timer
4) Some lineup changes (I mean, Goldenvoice is great and all, but they can’t possibly get everyone to reschedule fall tours…or can they?)
5) With the election only a couple of weeks away, the Democratic nominee will make a surprise appearance at Coachella
6) “Giant Linus Waiting for the Great Pumpkin” art installation at both fests
7) The Empire Polo Club will see its first “Pumpkin Spice Tent” at Coachella, brought to you by Starbucks and Trader Joe’s
8) With the election only a couple of days away, Trump will make a surprise appearance at Stagecoach
9) Sure, by then there probably won’t be a coronavirus, but re-seeding season combined with allergies and Cough-chella and, dammit, my throat is sore just thinking about it
10) Who’s ready for the Haunted Heineken House?

What changes do you think would be in store?  Let’s discuss in the comments…