These Were the 10 Coldest Days in Palm Springs History

Coldest Temperatures Recorded in Palm Springs
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Palm Springs is known for many things including being the home to Coachella, being the home to lots of old people, and being the home to insane high temperatures during the summer. Β  What it is not know for is getting cold. Β But, surprisingly, it does.

So how cold does it get. Β Well, Β onΒ January 22, 1932 a bone-chilling temperature of just 19 degrees was recorded, making it the coldest day in recorded history for Palm Springs. Β And according to The National Weather Service, there have been other chilly days as well – ranked here:

19 Degrees!!!Β  – the coldest temperature recorded in Palm Springs

Brrrr….on January 22, 1937 it was a cold freakin’ night in Palm Springs, with the temperature of 19 degrees being the coldest temp ever recorded in the desert city.

22 Degrees

The second coldest night was on January 14, 1963

23 Degrees

It has hit 23 degrees several times in Palm Springs:

  • January 12, 1977
  • November 16, 1964
  • January 12, 1962
  • January 3, 1960
  • December 25, 1963 (Santa must’ve been so cold!)
  • January 28, 1948
  • January 19, 1943
  • January 24, 1937

Those were overnight lows.Β  Now here are the lowest daily high temperatures recorded in Palm Springs (note: the 1930’s were especially chilly):

38 Degrees – The coldest day in Palm Springs history

On December 12, 1932, the daytime high temperature was only 38 degrees!

42 Degrees

This has happened twice:

  • January 13, 1949
  • January 11, 1930

44 Degrees

This has also happened two times in Palm Springs:

  • December 14, 1967
  • January 11, 1949

45 Degrees

A trio of days only saw the temperature reach 45 degrees fo a high – which had to be tough since we all know: no one in the desert owns a jacket!

  • February 4, 1939
  • February 16, 1932
  • January 15, 1932

46 Degrees

For a two-day stretch in 1937 it was pretty frigid in the desert:

  • January 21, 1937
  • January 22, 1937

Hopefully, January 23 warmed up to at least 50 for those poor, cold desert residents.Β 

So yes, The Coachella Valley can get pretty damn cold on occasion. Be sure to bundle up when it does.

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