🍺 Due to the coronavirus closures, La Quinta Brewing is now delivering beer 🍺

As everyday seems like seven right now and we all adapt to the coronavirus situation, La Quinta Brewing has announced they are delivering beer and, man, that’s very welcome news.

Beer list and prices are below. The brewery asks that you message them on Facebook or send them an email to place an order. And, this should go without saying, you are going to need to be 21 and over.

Orders need to be placed by 5:30 pm.  Deliveries will then be done from 6 – 8 pm.  The brewery says they will deliver to most places, from Palm Springs to Indio.

As with everything nowadays, this is all very much coming together, so things are subject to change.  Anyway, enjoy your beer, be sure to grab some delicious local food to go with it, be smart, and be kind to each other.