Broguiere’s Dairy is closing and where are we supposed to get eggnog now?

After 100 years in business, Broguiere’s Dairy is closing down. The favorite of Huell Howser and, well, me, is stopping its shipments to Southern California markets and will soon cease production. This is a huuuuuuge bummer for anyone who has enjoyed their unbelievably good eggnog and chocolate milk.

Pedestrian seriously injured after being struck by car in Indio

A man was taken to the hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle in Indio Thursday night.

Desert Hot Springs Chief of Police Dale Mondary has resigned

Dale Mondary has resigned from his position as Desert Hot Springs Chief of Police.

Things to do in Palm Springs this weekend

Here's what's happening this weekend in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

Surprisingly, this hasn’t been the coldest May in the history of Palm Springs

We all know this weather has been crazy, delightful, and, well, I just don't want to talk about it anymore out of fear of jinxing such a good thing - but, here's something crazy: there have been plenty of cooler months of May in the last 100 years.

33-year-old man dead in I-10 crash near Cabazon

A 33-year-old Rialto man is dead after he police say he lost control and crashed a silver 2010 Nissan Sentra on the eastbound 10 Freeway west of the Desert Hills Inspection Facility Thursday morning.

Twentynine Palms man arrested for attempting to hit deputy with prosthetic leg

A 49-year-old Twentynine Palms man was arrested Friday after police say he took off his prosthetic leg and tried to hit a Sheriff’s deputy with it.

Can someone at KESQ please refill the breakroom’s coffee?

Being part of the morning news team on the local television means waking up at 2 am so that you can be on the air at 5 am to re-air the same stories that ran at 11 pm for the dozen or so people watching at that hour. It's a pretty thankless job and usually pays less than the nightside crew, who get a full night's sleep and stumble into the station at 3 pm - which is why, at the very least, someone in station management should be sure that there is some damn coffee in the breakroom for these people.

Report: Living in a Palm Springs ‘gayborhood’ is going to cost you

The iconic Palm Springs sign located at the Visitors Center at the base of the tram
Zillow has a report out about buying homes in so-called “gayborhoods” around the country and it finds that homes in them are priced far above homes elsewhere, including in Palm Springs.

Here’s how much rain the recent storm brought to the Coachella Valley

This week has been crazy - with temps way below normal in the Coachella Valley, snow at the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway (in late May!), and even a tiny, tiny bit of rain.


Here’s how Stagecoach used your spending info to offer you upgrades and discounts

As it would turn out, getting you to buy tickets to The Stagecoach Country Music Festival was just the beginning.

Memorial Day Weekend traffic expected to suck even though gas is expensive

Gas prices continue to be high, as you already know from nearly gritting away sll of your teeth the last time you filled up your car, but that's not stopping nearly 3 million Southern Californians from taking a road trip of over 50 miles during Memorial Day Weekend which should result in the typical traffic jams if you happen to leave at the wrong time.

Palm Springs City Council votes down Zelda’s reopening

Well, folks. Looks like you won't be heading to Zelda's nightclub in Palm Springs anytime soon.

Damn, dude. Check out the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway!

This weather is insane, man.

No one would serve Tom Hanks a beer at Stagecoach

He even offered up Toy Story 4 tickets, but still: no beer!

Floor & Décor is opening in La Quinta in the old Sam’s Club building

Floor & Décor - a chain that, and this is going to surprise you, sells both flooring and décor - will open in La Quinta this fall in the old Sam's Club building that will almost assuredly now never host a Snoop Dogg Concert.


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