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A note about the beginning of this week on Cactus Hugs

Cactus Hugs will be switching its web hosting on Monday and while that means that the site should soon perform better (and faster!) with far less down time, it also means that we won’t be posting anything new during the switchover – which is scheduled for Monday, August 20 and Tuesday, August 21.

Palm Springs Tram | 5 Things to Know

Whether you live in Palm Springs or are just visiting, a trip on the Palm Springs Tram can be a cool thing…literally. The temperature up in the mountains is 30 – 40 degrees cooler than the desert floor of the Coachella Valley – which is a great way to cool off in the summer and in the winter, hey, there might just be snow! And you can do it in just 12 minutes with a ride in a nifty spinning tram car. So what should you know about the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway? Well, here is all the info, tips, tricks, and more you need to know.

Two arrested for burglary in Desert Hot Springs

(Desert Hot Springs Police)

Two men were arrested after police say they were involved in a residential burglaryin Desert Hot Springs.

The pumpkin spice takeover is almost here

Sure, it’s hot af outside and the last thing you are thinking about are the flavors of fall, but that’s not stopping all things pumpkin from invading Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, Trader Joe’s, Dairy Queen, Target and, let’s face it, just about everywhere else.

Idyllwild Strong benefit festival taking place this weekend

Idyllwild (Flicker)

Idyllwild will play host to more than 40 bands this weekend to raise funds for the victims of the 13,000 acre Cranston Fire that burned for two weeks in the local mountains causing damage, evacuations, and heartache for the mountain community.

Why don’t other drivers stop to let you back out anymore?

You just got back to your car after doing a little shopping and, of course, the parking spaces on both sides of your car are now occupied by gigantic, extra-long trucks that not only parked way too close and made you have to suck it all in just to be able to squeeze into your ride, but also make it impossible to see if there’s any traffic behind you while you attempt to back out. A few years back, this wasn’t a problem as some nice person would probably stop their car and allow you to back out, giving you peace of mind and, more importantly, not creating a crash. But, that’s not the case anymore as most drivers just seem to keep driving right behind you.

Two Joshua Tree teens arrested for firing pellet gun at police


Two Joshua Tree teenage boys were arrested after police say they shot a pellet gun at a deputies on Wednesday night.

KESQ really, really wants to know where to get cheap gas

KESQ has a question for you.

The ocean water off San Diego is hotter than ever

Cooling off at the beach is getting much more difficult these days.

College of the Desert is offering 2 marijuana industry certificates

College of the Desert will begin offering up a couple of certificate programs for the Coachella Valley’s growing cannabis industry.