The Joker will be at the Palm Springs Rich People Prom

Another name has been added to the roster of celebs who will spend a few hours mingling with the one-percent of the Coachella Valley in early January all in hopes that it helps get some airtime on Entertainment Tonight and maybe leads to a few more votes for an Academy Award.

The desert’s weirdest music festival is happening this weekend

The 111 Music Festival which is - and I swear to you I am not making this up - a Sunday afternoon thing where local bands cram into the back of a few city buses to try to perform and, if they are lucky, maybe even take home a couple of gift cards all while the passengers of the bus, well, let's say tolerate it, returns this weekend for a remarkable 6th year.

Palm Desert approves project no one will regret during the next bad drought

A project expected to cost nearly $200 million that promises to bring a 5.5 acre wave lagoon to the area around Desert Willow for those too lazy to drive two hours to the free waves at the real beach was approved unanimously by the Palm Desert City Council on Thursday night. The council, who appear to suffer from short-term drought memory loss, approved the development, which estimates it will use a total of 23.8 million gallons of water per year for the lagoon and a total of 53.8 million gallons for the entire property.

Cathedral City man sentenced to 25 to life for beating his roommate to death

A Cathedral City man was sentenced to 25 years to life on Friday for fatally beating his 66-year-old roommate to death in 2016.

Cathedral City is hosting a ‘Food Truck Fiesta’

Food Truck
Fans of food served from trucks will be excited to learn that a fiesta featuring just that thing is coming to Cathedral City.

Things to do in Palm Springs this weekend

Here's what's happening this weekend in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

Car chase leads to crash, arrest in Coachella

A man was arrested in Coachella after police say he led them on a brief car chase that ended when he struck another vehicle.

Guest Post: Maybe Starbucks shouldn’t be required to stock something that’s not selling?

Thursday, The Desert Sun published an editorial taking mediocre coffeemaker Starbucks to task for its decision to no longer carry newspapers in its 10 million locations. The argument, which you can read here (assuming your digital access payments are up to date), is essentially that Starbucks is somehow obligated to carry an outside vendor’s product — regardless of how poorly it’s selling — simply because doing so “supports local journalism.”

One dead in Desert Hot Springs shooting

A homicide investigation is underway after a man was killed Tuesday night in Desert Hot Springs.

Man dead, suspect in custody after shooting in Anza

A man is dead and a suspect in custody after a shooting Wednesday morning in Anza.

Brian Setzer’s Christmas performance at the McCallum has been cancelled

Brian Setzer Orchestra’s Christmas Rocks! Tour, which is usually one of the highlights of the Holiday Season when it makes its annual stop into the Coachella Valley, will not take place this year as the originally scheduled show at the McCallum Theater on Friday, December 20 has been cancelled due to a severe case of tinnitus.

The Jacqueline Cochran Airport has a new, fancy, $7 million FBO

A new, $7 million facility has opened up at Jacqueline Cochran Regional Airport and, damn, the once small airport is starting to get pretty fancy.


Man arrested after police say he fled from them on foot, fought with officers

A man was arrested in Palm Springs on Tuesday after police say he ran from and later fought with officers.

Pedestrian struck, killed on Highway 62 in Morongo Valley

A man was pronounced dead at the scene after he was hit by a vehicle on Highway 62 in Morongo Valley on Saturday night.

If you want Nelly to keep coming to the desert, you can’t yank him off the stage

Nelly, who seems to book a performance every five or six months at one of the Greater Palm Springs Area's casinos, was in the middle of a concert on Saturday at The Show at Agua Caliente Casino in Rancho Mirage when an eager fan decided their front row seat just wasn't close enough to the rapper and yanked him off the stage - which, and I shouldn't have to tell you this, is a no-no at a Nelly concert...or any concert, really.

We survived the 3.5s

Sunday brought a pair of small, but kind of noticeable earthquakes to the Coachella Valley.

Study concludes the obvious: Traffic in Palm Springs will suck on arena event nights

A recently concluded study that, and this will not surprise you at all, when events are held at the new 10,000 seat arena to be built in downtown Palm Springs, traffic is going to suck in the area before and after.

Renée Zellweger will attend the Palm Springs Rich People Prom

Renée Zellweger is the first celebrity announced to attend the 2020 Palm Springs Rich People Prom in Palm Springs. Zellweger will be on-hand to get an award of some type, but mostly to try to get some Oscar buzz, for her role in the Judy Garland movie we might one day see if / when it arrives on Netflix.


Are you available to cook the Kardashians a Thanksgiving turkey?

Hopefully, you have not yet made your Thanksgiving plans - as you may have to head to the gigantic Kardashian residence at the Madison Club in La Quinta to make sure the family of, ummm, let's say entrepreneurs (?) is able to feast on Turkey Day.

Photos: Here’s a preview of this weekend’s Date Harvest Festival

The Date Harvest is bringing artisan food, cocktails, live entertainment, and more to the City of Coachella on Saturday. Cactus Hugs has already gone over why this looks like a festival you should might want to get excited about and we were invited to check out the festival grounds a day in advance. Here is what we saw.

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