Would you throw down $7,500 for a weekend at Leo DiCaprio’s Palm Springs place?

When he is not spending time (sad and alone) in the desert, Leonardo DiCaprio rents Dinah Shore’s old place for $3,750 a night – with a two night minimum. This, of course, makes sense – as the actor only pulled in about $29 million in 2014-15 and having a vacation rental might just be enough to give Leo a little extra spending money for at the Neon Carnival. But, should you throw down your hard earned coin for a weekend at the place?

To help you answer that question, Variety has a short video of what you will get for your money:

As the video points out, the home has six bedrooms, and recommends six couples stay there – putting it at $625 per person for the weekend – which still seems sort of high, but then it is not every joint that let’s you sleep in a Leo’s bed or drop a deuce in one of his eight toilets.

The Mongols are back in Palm Springs for the weekend

So, would you do it? Let’s discuss in the comments.



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