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drinking jacket

The Drinking Jacket May Just Be the Best Jacket

The perfect accessory for your cold weather drinking is here! When the makers of a hooded jacket known as The Drinking Jacket took to Kickstarter, they were seeking $50,000. They hit that mark...and then some. They have now raised over $484,000! … Read Full Story

flying christmas tree

SoCal Guy Creates Flying Christmas Tree

Some people like real Christmas trees while others prefer the artificial variety...but, as for designer Otto Dieffenbach, he prefers a tree that flies. Watch as he flies his remote-controlled tree near Mission Bay in San … Read Full Story

image via Flickr

DUI Checkpoint in La Quinta Saturday Night

Cops will be out with a checkpoint somewhere in La Quinta starting at 8pm on Saturday night and lasting until 3am. Of course, checkpoint or no checkpoint, if you have had a few too many ('tis the season for that), leave your car behind and take an Uber … Read Full Story