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Cactus Color

How to Contact Cactus Hugs with News Tips

Over the last couple of weeks, some of you guys have sent over some cool news tips, videos, and info that have led to (what I think) are some pretty rad posts (here, here, & here for example). As this little dog and pony operation doesn’t quite have the budget and resources as the big corporate media […]

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mr hill temper

Court Orders End to Indio Man’s Protest to Park Illegally in Fire Lanes

The family who has been picketing outside of Roosevelt Elementary School in Indio for over a week will not be protesting anymore. Wednesday a judge issued a restraining order to Desert Sands Unified School District. The order requires that Farias stay 100 yards from the school and the principal – the same principal who started […]

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Is it Obama’s Fault Humana is Ending Sponsorship of Desert’s PGA Event

  Earlier this week it was announced that Humana was ending its sponsorship of The Bob Hope Chrysler Classic Humana Challenge local PGA event (why they have not already replaced Humana with one of these fine sponsors is beyond me).  But why is Humana leaving the tournament?  The answer is clearly the same culprit that […]

bunny dog

PSA: Animal Shelters Don’t Adopt Dogs on “The DL”

Back in August, social media in The Coachella Valley got fired up after hearing how Bunny the pit bull was stolen from The Palm Springs Animal Shelter. Luckily, Bunny was found – but Richard Whitehead, the man responsible for taking the puppy told KESQ that everyone has it all wrong. “They had it wrong, and […]