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How to Contact Cactus Hugs with News Tips

Over the last couple of weeks, some of you guys have sent over some cool news tips, videos, and info that have led to (what I think) are some pretty rad posts (here, here, & here for example). As this little dog and pony operation doesn’t quite have the budget and resources as the big corporate media […]

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Tiny, Ugly, Old Aluminum House That No One Wants May Be Headed to Palm Springs

A tiny, ugly, old aluminum house that no one else wants may soon be headed to Palm Springs…if The Mayor has his way. The Aluminaire House, which currently sits in storage in Long Island, New York was built for a 1931 architectural exhibit as an example of affordable housing – one which clearly took off […]


One Westfield Palm Desert Entrance is Slightly Terrifying

While there are numerous entrances to The Westfield Mall in Palm Desert, one stands out from the pack – but only because it is slightly terrifying. If you are heading into The Cinemas Palme D’Or to watch a flick (you can drink beer in your seat there!), you may notice a red canopy over some […]

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Dramatic Video Shows Hero Driver Plowing Bus Into a House

Newly released video shows a bus plowing into house…and the bus driver is being hailed as a hero because of it. The wreck happened Monday in Clayton County, Georgia. In the video taken from a camera inside the bus, the bus can be seen driving down the road when suddenly a red car crosses the center […]