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Fireworks behind statue of liberty

4th of July: By the Numbers

Hot dogs, fireworks, celebrating America’s independence! There is so much going on with The 4th of July. Here it is broken down for you:


California Residents Cut Water 29% in May. Proud of You Cali!

Look at you saving water!  Governor Brown issued a mandatory 25% cutback on April 1st and you decided to even outdo that. According to the State Water Resources Control Board, California residents cut back on water water usage by 29% in May. “My first response is almost disbelief. It is such an incredible number,” Mark […]

Biker weekend

R.I.P. Palm Springs Biker Weekend

(Update: it is official now, Biker Weekend is cancelled) Palm Springs Biker Weekend is doomed. Though not official yet, The American Heat biker will almost assuredly not go on this year after PS Resorts raised safety issues and will be requesting that the event is completely canceled. Via KESQ: But according to Aftab Dada, general […]