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By: Robert Banh

The Coachella Valley’s Most Popular Fast Food Burger Joint is Who?

The Coachella Valley has many choices of delicious fast food burger joints to choose from…Five Guys, In-N-Out, and the new Habit Burger to name a few. But when the website Thrillist went through over 20 million check-ins on Foursquare, the location-based application that people use to check-in and leave tips for others, they found the number […]

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Billboard Promoting Awesome Metal Show Will Forever Be on I-10

If you have driven on the eastbound 10 just past Fantasy Springs Casino, than you have noticed a killer festival is coming to The Coachella Valley. The billboard announces huge metal acts Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax playing on April 23rd at The Empire Polo Club in Indio! What the billboard does not mention is […]

k-mart thanksgiving

Wow! K-Mart Really Hates Thanksgiving

Of all of the giant retail companies that hate families and Thanksgiving, K-Mart has really gone out of their way to be the biggest assholes of the bunch. First, the company decided to open up for Black Friday at 6am on Thursday!!  Then, they took things even further by posting notes like this in their […]

Black Friday Dance

Is This The Coachella Valley’s Best Black Friday Commercial?

Black Friday is just a week away and the ads for the sales are everywhere: on tv, on the radio, in the newspaper, underneath this sentence… …but the best Black Friday ad in The Coachella Valley has been hiding on YouTube (until now anyway). Meet Erica and Jessie of Contour Dermatology. They have some complicated […]

(via Eureka!)

Make Thanksgiving Even More Festive with The Fall Harvest Cocktail

Sure you are excited about Thanksgiving.  A day off of work (hopefully), tons of food, time with the family, and football!  But with everything going on, it is easy to forget about the cocktails .  No worries, Eureka! has crafted a tasty one for you to enjoy during the fall season. This delicious adult beverage combines […]